The Didaskalon School

Δεῖ τὴν τῶν ποιητῶν σοφίαν εὖ μανθάνειν.

It is necessary to learn well the wisdom of the poets.

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Please visit: where we will cover book I and II of Athenaze and start to read Homer.

Trips to Ancient Greece

Ancient Assos

The Didaskalon School will begin next summer in July 2018 staring with a 7-10 day trip to Assos, Turkey where we will speak Ancient Greek and tour a few sites while enjoying beautiful surroundings, the sea, the mountains, the ancient city, and speaking and reading Ancient Greek. We will stay in Ancient Assos and tour the Temple of Athena, sit in the theater at Assos reading some manageable Greek Tragedy, and see the Altar of Zeus, reading from Plato, who mentions this very spot in his Republic.  We will also see the Springs of Mt. Ida – where the Trojan War begun with the Judgment of Paris. One day will be for touring Troy nearby where we will read Homer and visit the plains of Troy and the Greek encampment on the beach nearby where Achilles sulked in his tent. A guest lecturer who is an expert in Ancient Greek History and Literature will join us and speak to you about Ancient Greek History, Philosophy, and culture. You will enjoy the beautiful views of Lesbos, reading poems of Sappho on the beach. You will enjoy breath-taking views of the wine-dark sea, see Ancient Assos, and breathe the cleanest air in the world. You will also enjoy Turkish food, life, and hospitality (ξενία). More information below.




Your teacher and guide, Paul A. Antony, and interpreter, Can A. Antony, in ancient sites in and around Assos, Turkey, 2016, and 2017.



Another trip may be considered. We may visit the site of Hierapolis in Pamukkale, Turkey (Ancient Cydrara) where Epictetus is from in July-August 2018 for 7-10 days.

However this is on hold at the moment. There, we will read in the shadow of Hierapolis about Stoicism, read Ancient Greek stories, see where Xenophon marched during his expedition with Cyrus, swim in Ancient thermal pools surrounded by fallen Roman columns, and speak Ancient Greek in the Nymphaeum, νυμφαῖον, which protects this sacred spring. We will read Xenophon, Greek stories, Herodotus, and manageable texts so that we can all easily enjoy them together. You will also enjoy the town of Pammukale, its hot springs, and wonderful mountain views, and enjoy Turkish food, village life, and the people. A guest lecturer who is an expert on Stoicism or Ancient Greek Philosophy will join us and speak to you about Ancient Greek Philosophy and how we can apply it to ourselves today.

Ancient Thermal Pools – Hierapolis. Photo taken by Paul A. Antony, 2017
Nymphaeum – Hierapolis. Photo taken by Paul A. Antony, 2017
Walking along Pamukkale Travertines.

Please email for more information or an application. We need to have enough interest by December 2017 to setup the two sessions.

We are accepting 10-15 students of Ancient Greek to attend each session. We need to accept at least 8 people to run each of the programs. Each program is $2000.00 without airfare. We will help you, if you need to get the right airfare and routes set up. We will also attend to you at the airport where you arrive and bring you to the hotel or place where we will first meet. All expenses, including breakfast, dinner, travel in Turkey, lodging, entrance fees to sites, otherwise are paid for except personal items and events outside the program. If enough people attend (>10), a small scholarship will be setup so that people can apply for reimbursement of certain expenses based on an application they submit.

To attend, it would be preferable to have at least 1 year of Ancient Greek study and be willing to speak, but exceptions can be made. We are not looking for experts, we do not expect perfection, and if you don’t speak any Ancient Greek at all, it will be fine. By no means are we fluent in Ancient Greek…We will learn together. The point of this yearly school is to be immersed in the Ancient Greek world and be inspired, like I have, to learn the language as best as you can and enjoy it. Speaking it will help us learn better and read ancient texts with more fluency. Of course, speaking English or any other language is allowed. I want you to see what we have seen and be inspired.

You will be attended by myself, and my son, who is fluent in Turkish. Dr. Antony has over 10 years experience with the Ancient Greek language, culture, and literature. He has attended the Paideia Institute’s Speaking Ancient Greek in Greece, and has taught Ancient Greek online for over 3 years. We will be your guide in Turkey so that you have a safe and wonderful trip. We have traveled and lived in Turkey for over 10 years. Currently, we live in the USA and travel to Turkey frequently. We have family in Istanbul, Ankara, Akcay, Izmir, and Eski Sehir.

Your Teacher and Guide, Paul A. Antony – Hierapolis.
Can “John” – Your Turkish interpreter, guide. ὀ παῖς.                                                                           Ancient thermal pool and theater in background of Hierapolis.





We have travelled to Troy, Assos, Pergamon, Ephesus, Sardis, Mt. Niobe, Didyma, Miletus, Priene, Halicarnassus, Knidos, Kos, Aphrodisias, Hierapolis, Ancyra, Gordion, Phrygia, Magnesia, Aspendos, Side, Patara, Xanthos, Myra, Aizanoi, and the Asclepeion near Pergamon.

Turkey is a on the fringes of Western culture, but it is a Western society, mixed with Eastern. It is a place of contradictions and beauty. Although it is a Muslim country, people are very westernized. You will of course see covered woman from many places but that is not the norm. As in the pictures above, you see people swimming together in pools,  from all places. It is like being in Europe. Knowing how to navigate this country and relate to its people, language, and places is a skill that we can offer. We have many contacts in Turkey that will make our trip more enjoyable and peaceful. Like any travel, however, there are inherent risks. We hope to mitigate those risks as much as we can.