Perhaps later even these things will be pleasing…

We are in hard times, no doubt. We have all faced adversity and the vicissitudes of life. Again reading Classics and Philosophy, especially Stoic Philosophy, can help us cope with these things.

Virgil in his epic poem, The Aeneid, in fact has something to say about these things:

Aeneas has just been shipwreck on the coast of Africa, near Carthage, after a storm, and has just lost most of his ships and men. He now speaks to them about their misfortunes:

…revocāte animōs maestumque timōrem

mittite; forsan et haec ōlim meminisse iuvābit.

Aeneid, Virgil, Versa 202-203.


Restore your courage and your gloomy fear let go;

Perhaps one day even these things to have remembered will be pleasing.

The Aeneid, Virgil, Lines 202-203.


Aeneas in his ship with his men during the tempest. 



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