We learn by teaching.


We learn by teaching.


Docendo discimus.

                                                Seneca, Letters, VII, On Crowds

Let us learn from each other. Teach others and you will teach yourself. This is the joy that comes with teaching knowledge that you possess to others who lack it. Seeing their faces light up with enthusiasm and finally grasping the idea is wonderful. Below is a mosaic of Plato’s Academy in Athens from a Roman Villa from Pompeii. Let this be an inspiration to you to teach others about Ancient knowledge and advice to make them and yourself a better person.

Inherent in the word docendo is the root doc-. Think doc-torate, doc-tor, doc-toral… MD, PhD, etc. doctus equals learned.

Therefore if we learn by teaching, then we also learn by doing, facendo discimus. By reinforcing a habit whatever it is, good or bad, we are learning…if you want to change a habit, you must unlearn it. Do something else.

Could learning a new language such as Latin or Ancient Greek help you become a better person? I would say yes.


Plato’s Academy, Mosaic, Pompeii, 79 A.D.

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