Our Judgment of Events…A diamond is just coal.

Men are not disturbed by events, but by their own judgement about them.

– Epictetus, Enchiridion 5.


Think of how you value diamonds or gold. What if you lost your diamond ring for instance? You would be distressed. However think about this. They have value only because we put value on them. Take the value away and they mean nothing. Think of how this would change the world. Stop valuing gems, diamonds, gold, jewelry, silver, etc. They are part of this earth, rocks, stones, carbon, and elements. Refuse to buy these things. Do you need a diamond ring? Shouldn’t a marriage speak for itself? Does a diamond make a marriage last? I don’t think so. So stop your nonsense of purchasing and collecting.

This doesn’t apply just to material things. Also how we perceive actions against us.


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